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About Us

Our mission is to work towards better health and lifestyles that are vibrant and full of life!

We are hard core believers about life being all about living with energy that makes you feel good and happy.

To infuse this mission into our products, we carefully source the world’s best natural ingredients, formulate them into the best, top quality products and lovingly pass them on to you, valued customer!

We are proud and grateful to have this opportunity to share with you nutrition-rich products that can help you lead a happier, healthier lifestyle!

Our superfoods are such that they are made to give you such a high boost of energy that you can easily last the entire day feeling energetic, healthy, and happy.

This way, when we say we provide top quality superfoods that give energy, we truly mean it.

This energy, coming from a healthy product which is organic and vegan inspired, is completely healthy and safe for you – no side effects or risks involved whatsoever.

We care about your wellbeing and only provide energy giving products that are ideal for anyone!

Rootdown is not just a superfoods’ brand that focuses on individual health – we look beyond, into the global world and try to play our part in helping the global community with our products too.

This is why, with every purchase of our superfoods, an equal amount is donated to starving, malnourished children all over the world. In this sense, Rootdown becomes a name that is not simply energy giving but also life giving.

By providing malnourished children with superfoods, we are potentially giving them life and the energy they need to live.

When you purchase a product from Rootdown, purchase happily knowing your purchase will make a different for at least for one life.